Packaging- Thought to floor fiscal planning

Packaging- Fiscal Planning

Okay, know you are getting a idea of inventory, costing, and now packaging. This includes tags, stickers, bags, shipping boxes and hangers. It is important to look around for your size tags, labels, and branded packaging. The range is so vast and I suggest getting strike offs from each vendor before finalizing a purchase.

Labeling on apparel must meet the government requirements. They are as follows

  • Fiber Content
  • Country of Origin
  • Identification of manufacturer, importer, or other
  • care

Here is a example of correct label

55% polyester
45% cotton
Size 10
Made in USA
RN 00001

The link below will offer more technical information provided by the government

The next labels for attachment are brand and size labels. Brand labels will be your most expensive tag on the garment. If you know your going to be in business for a long time then buy in bulk. This will cut down cost in long term. This also keeps product packaging streamlined.

Another tag that is costly to print is your outer hang tag. This is a good investment for companies using pigment dyes, glitter, beading, leather, fine materials such as lace. And special occasion garments. These can have disclaimers about returns or wearing, washing and treating garments in a special manner.

I suggest to have well designed tags with printing on either side. This is a green approach as well as cost and time saving.

Be sure to enter the cost of each label  on a unit cost sheet. For example if you ordered 5,000 labels at $750.00. The label itself would cost $0.15

Some helpful label companies I suggest are as follows…

Once you have your care labels, size labels, country of origin, and brand labels they will be given to your sewing contractor for attachment.

Being that you are a small organization with only one store, I suggest you apply the price tags and any additional information. But if you wholesale or have two or more stores, you want to consider having the company apply the price tags and UPC codes before shipment. This allows all the work to be done at once and ensures proper tagging.

The last part of packaging is how you ship the goods. Most companies rely on what is called FLAT PACK. This is when goods are folded and shipped in a box. It is very cheap and eliminates wasteful packaging. However, you may rely on a hanging shipment if you have extremely tailored goods. Men’s Suit companies use a hang pack to deliver the suits to consumers or stores for quality maintainer. Otherwise this is a unnecessary form of packaging.


The next blog we will discuss the wholesale cost and retail cost.


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