Technical Design

Oaky, this subject is one of my favorites. I love design, but understand the limits, cost, and nature of it. However, many designers are unaware of how techpacks are made.

Technical designers are focused on making manufacturing instructions that safeguard your production. When working without a technical package, a manufacture takes freedom in cutting corners, inevitably this results in faulty or poorly constructed goods. It is important to understand the following questions….

1. What quality do you want for your product?

a)Fast & cheap




2. Where are you Manufacturing?



3. What is your target cost/retail price?

I always ask about the quality of a product. This helps a technical designer determine the following

  • Stitch-SPI & type
  • Linings
  • steps of construction

Technical designers also need to be aware of fabric, and fit. These steps assist in the end product. For example, a CDC polyester in 3 oz. weight vs. 5 oz. weight requires a different stitch length. This will keep the item from tearing at the seam, but provide strength.

Tools a technical designer use are based on ASTM standards and ISO. The standards were created as a way to describe seams, stitch types, and more.

A great place to download examples of this are located here.

You may not find many examples of full technical design, mainly because these are safeguarded by the company.  The image below is a example of  a page from a tech pack.

Some teckpacks are simple. While others require attention to detail. I generally work with designer level product that requires full knowledge of design.Some are just the instruction for sewing, while others will have finishing instructions. Premium denim requires construction, washing, finishing, and packing.

In the end, it is good to take the time to get your manufacture instructions right. It will assist with plant loading, sewing steps , and finishing of goods.

For questions or inquires please leave comment below.



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